The Watch With More Than Just 12 Hours – Vasco Watch

Experience more than just a watch: why do you still read 12-hour time while a day last 24 hours? Time belongs to you, Time is yours. This is a new kickstarter campaign from Benjamin Chamfeuil who present us the Vasco Watch – A 24-hour wristwatch.


After a first successful campaign on Kickstarter, we are proud to introduce our new 24h watch collection, with four models – Inflexible, Amiral, Solitaire, Terrible – and one wall clock. Submariners, astronauts or polar explorers used to wear 24h watches: impossible to know time as they were deprieved of daylight.

Today we’ve rescued their time philosophy by respecting the rhythm of a day and making us aware of the passing time. Time is yours.

More on: www.vasco.watch

The Kickstarter campaign video and some impressions

Vasco Watch Vasco Watch Vasco Watch

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